The Dinner Ladies

Client, Brief & Objective

Client: The Dinner Ladies
App: The Dinner Ladies Website and Web App 
Date: Ongoing Since 2014

The Dinner Ladies approached FAQ Interactive with an existing website that had been built at the early days of their business, with an initial view to supporting a small home cooking service for friends and family. The business had now become quite successful and the need for a system that could cater for greater capacity, and reduced down time, which was an issue due to limitations in the menu management. 

Additionally, The Dinner Ladies were looking to have a change of the look and feel of the website which had started to look outdated and was not presenting their menu options in their best light.

FAQ Development

FAQ undertood a handover with the previous developer and began to support the .NET Web Application, which gaining a better understanding of the complexities of the business requirements.

While working with talented Perry Westwood, FAQ interactive provided guidance on the technical capabilities available to implement within the website. The site was updated to show the current design which was a mobile responsive site, with heavy use of professionally styled and photographed examples of the food. Using parallaxing while the user scrolled through the pages, the photographic images would move at a different speed behind the animated image foreground, with the signature doves and roses theme.

Expansion and code refactoring were also undertaken to enhance the concurrent ordering and listing of menus, as well as providing new updated systems in order to make menu preparation significantly faster, reducing the menu preparation downtime from 2 1/2 days to 30 minutes. 


The Dinner Ladies are continuing to expand and are now providing their delicious dinners to a wider range of locations outside of Sydney, even travelling as far as Melbourne and the mid north coast. 

When you're working with FAQ Interactive, whether on website development or hosting, you always feel that they really care about understanding your business and want to find the best solutions for you. Our business relies absolutely on our website and we rely absolutely on FAQ Interactive.

Sophie Gilliatt

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