The Carbon Reduction Institute (CRI)

Client: The Carbon Reduction Institute (CRI)
Service: Web App

Date: Ongoing Since 2018

Client, Brief & Objective

CRI (NoC02), the Carbon Reduction Institute approached FAQ to help create a Website using WordPress to promote and advertise the benefits of lowering the Carbon Emissions of business by using their Carbon Neutrality Programs.The site had to be scalable and easy for their employees to maintain if and when required.

FAQ Development

This site as mentioned was developed using WordPress. This allowd for a reltivlly painless build and gave the customer plenty of options to bolt on specific requirements to suit their needs.The website was very much off the shelf to start with FAQ still had to further develop several templates to suit NoC02’s requirments using PHP programming language.


FAQ was able to deliver a cost effective responsive and great looking website with-in a short time-frame and with in a small budget.

FAQ continue to support and maintain CRI’s NoC02.

"We have been using FAQ for more than 10 years! They really understand the unique nature of our business with our many different brands & logos. The standard of their work has always been extremely high and their fees are very reasonable".

Marvin Van Stralendorff,

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