One Solution that connects Plan Managers to the NDIS Portal


Connecting Plan Managers to the NDIS Portal in real-time.
End to end business integration from invoice to service provider payment in a single solution.


Planability NDIS Plan Management software is perfectly suited to bring together the needs of Plan Managers, Participants, Carers, Support Coordinators and Service Providers.

Planability provides a single solution to simplify the workflow of Registered NDIS Plan Managers by interacting with the NDIS Portal in real time using the latest APIs. Instant invoice validation, creation of a payment solution and no reconciliation, it’s one solution with all the benefits.

Total business integration for NDIS Plan Managers

Planability NDIS Plan Management software and get back to looking after people, including you!

  • Get paid and pay faster.
  • Reduce admin time.
  • Reduce input errors.
  • Accurate reporting in seconds.

Reduce NDIS Payment reconciliation time from days to just minutes.

Why Planability?

Everything you need

Planability Allows Plan Managers, Participants, Carers and Support Coordinators mange the status of their claims all in one application and all in real-time.

The Power of Planability

From one simple online tool you can manage a sophisticated multi-level service. Planability enables plan managers to have the flexibility and power to co-ordinate your NDIS claims in real-time project and task needs.

Safe & Secure

An integral part of the Planability Plan Management software is the reduction of opportunities for fraud or duplicated invoices.
Planability is hosted on a robust and secure cloud infrastructure and all the maintenance and back ups are run frequently, so theres no need to worry about your data being lost or stolen. For detailed information about our security protocols please send us an email.

Support & Guidance

From getting you up and running, to taking your service to the next level the Credability Systems and FAQ Interactive team are here to help you with the right support and advice.

Developed in Australia

Fixxt Planability was created in conjunction with Credability Solutions and developed by FAQ Interactive, an Australian Digital Software Agency that has been supporting business, helping the public, government sectors, and inspiring the greater community for over a decade.

Developed using the worlds leading Technologies. .

Microsoft .NET - SQL - Swift - Objective C iOS - Java Android Web - PHP - Flutter - Dart - HTML - CSS - Javascript - AWS - Azure

Take a deeper look at some of our recently developed websites, web applications and mobile apps, featured below.

Pau Te Hau








Auckland University of Technology (AUT)

Associate Professor Nigel Harris - AUT

The FAQ team invested a great deal of time and effort into understanding our requirements during the early development stage of the Pau te Hau app. Their detailed scrutinising of how the app would eventually function was actually very formative in our own thinking on what we wanted. This was fundamental to the subsequent production of a bespoke, complex final product requiring detailed technical function, but easy usability. We found the FAQ team very responsive and collegial to work with throughout the process. We’ll be continuing our involvement with FAQ for future app development.

The Dinner Ladies

Sophie Gilliatt, Director

When you're working with FAQ Interactive, whether on website development or hosting, you always feel that they really care about understanding your business and want to find the best solutions for you. Our business relies absolutely on our website and we rely absolutely on FAQ Interactive.

Carbon Reduction Institute

Marvin Van Stralendorff, Chief Operating Officer

We have been using FAQ for more than 10 years! They really understand the unique nature of our business with our many different brands & logos. The standard of their work has always been extremely high and their fees are very reasonable.

Resourcing Parents

Belinda Power

Not too BIG, not too Small, Just Right. The old Goldilocks line sums up my view on FAQ Interactive team and the work they do. The site I managed out grew the services of our previous developer. FAQ started as the developer for Resourcing Parents website in 2013. I appreciated working with the same reliable developers whose expertise offerred up to date solutions that enable the website to grow and expand over the time I managed the project. Working with FAQ from 2013 until saw Resourcing Parents projects expanded to cover three unique websites and two Apps. I throughly enjoyed and appreciated the time we worked together.

University of Newcastle

Professor David Lubans, Priority Research Centre for Physical Activity & Nutrition

I have worked with numerous App developers over the last 5 years and found FAQ to be the most professional and easiest to work with. The FAQ team adopted a flexible & responsive approach to our initial ideas and provided expert guidance in the development and refinement of our App. I am extremely satisfied with the final Burn2Learn app and have no hesitation in recommending FAQ to others.

If you have a great idea,
FAQ can help your vision become reality!