Scoping, planning & designing your web application or mobile app.

In order to develop software efficiently, a detailed set of plans & guidelines should be created, prior to commencing development.

This is known as a Scope of Works and it outlines all functionality, design and required outcomes for the software that is to be developed.

Scoping starts with requirements gathering, which involves several meetings with all relevant project stakeholders to determine the exact requirements in fine detail. This process usually occurs over several weeks, until everything has been discussed, decided and documented.

The scoping team includes chief designer, business analyst, project head & technical director, all based in Sydney.

Through a series of meetings calls and emails, all feature workflows and design preferences are discussed with the client in detail.

Design starts with Wireframes, that enable screens to be laid out quickly and with all functional elements included. In some cases, wireframes can be used to form a basic prototype of the web application or mobile app.

Once the layout has been finalised, some key screens would be mocked up, in line with the finished product.

Throughout the process, client input is critical and every screen, feature & function, will be tabled and discussed in detail one or more times to determine whether to be included in the Scope of Works.

Scope of Works.

The Scope of Works is formed once all has been discussed and determined. The document outlines the project as a whole as discussed and contains:

  • List of all features (description)
  • Technical analysis 
  • Wireframes & mock ups
  • Cost breakdown by feature
  • Developer resources required
  • Development timeline
In the event that the combined scoped cost estimates exceed the expected budget, FAQ can recommend developing a minimum viable product.

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The Scoping Design and Planning process.


    Before you tell us anything, we can sign an NDA, to protect your IP. After this, tell us about your idea and help us put together a basic brief.


    The scoping team consists of our chief designer, business analyst, project head & technical director, who are all based in Sydney. In consultation with you, they think-through, plan & document the whole development project, to your requirements.


    Using wireframes, mock ups and prototypes, the workflows, screen designs & functionality can be demonstrated visually.


    In consultation with the project team, every screen, feature & function will be tabled and discussed one or more times to determine whether to be included in the Scope of Works.


    The Scope of Works is formed once all has been discussed and determined is required. In addition to all screens, features & functionality being documented, cost estimates are provided for each.

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Professor David Lubans, Priority Research Centre for Physical Activity & Nutrition

I have worked with numerous App developers over the last 5 years and found FAQ to be the most professional and easiest to work with. The FAQ team adopted a flexible & responsive approach to our initial ideas and provided expert guidance in the development and refinement of our App. I am extremely satisfied with the final Burn2Learn app and have no hesitation in recommending FAQ to others.

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When you're working with FAQ Interactive, whether on website development or hosting, you always feel that they really care about understanding your business and want to find the best solutions for you. Our business relies absolutely on our website and we rely absolutely on FAQ Interactive.

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Marvin Van Stralendorff, Chief Operating Officer

We have been using FAQ for more than 10 years! They really understand the unique nature of our business with our many different brands & logos. The standard of their work has always been extremely high and their fees are very reasonable

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