University of Sydney Union

Client: University of Sydney Union
App: Kentico responsive website
Date: Ongoing Since 2016

Client, Brief & Objective

USU required a visual upgrade of the Homepage and a complete re-build of the entire Memberships section which contained sophisticated stored procedures for the shopping membership system to allow New and Pre-existing members access via cross checking  profile information and respond appropriately.

FAQ Development

The University of Sydney Union website is built and resides on the very powerful Kentico platform.

FAQ recreated the existing Kentico website onto a staging environment where the entire project was built re-worked and tested through, prior to migration and launching.
Meticulous planning was required as many various existing elements and system  driven data was to be maintained enhanced and integrated.

The creation of many new document types, global and child templates and pages were created to fit the visual designs supplied by the USU team. 

Our international local and development staff worked diligently and directly with the USU team in aligning all database queries and  processes to achieve a product that not only they but we have been proud to complete.

FAQ are a Kentico certified development company.


The Kentico driven website has been considered a success and is now delivering the universities news, festivals and events in the the style they envisioned.

"Thank you very much to you all! It’s been a mammoth marathon but everyone showed up, and the result has been great"

University of Sydney Union
Anneke Van Der Lay
Digital Marketing 

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