About Us.

Over 10 years of online development and design experience.

The key reasons why FAQ has continued to thrive whilst others have failed is due to retention of key personnel. Most of our staff (local & offshore) have been with us for 5 years or more and completely familiar with our internal processes.

The 3 directors of FAQ Interactive, Phil Cawthorne, Simon Edwards & Mohammad Kabir; are first and foremost, business owners and have faced many of the same challenges that most businesses in Australia face. They have each managed departments for large Multinational Corporations prior to joining forces and starting FAQ.

With more than 20 years of commercial experience each, Phil, Simon & Mohammad bring a highly consultative approach to conceptualising and implementing technical solutions.

"a common-sense, beneficial approach to application & software development"

Understanding you makes everything better.

Nearly every job we do has a bespoke or custom element to it. Whether this relates to design, functionality, workflows or even content; it’s never exactly the same as a previous job.

Before we undertake any project, we take the time to understand the business or organisation’s key objectives (whether this be commercial or community focussed). When we think that there is a better or more efficient method of achieving an objective (both immediate and long-term), we advise our clients accordingly. Of course, we always respect our client’s final decision, even if it is contrary to our advice.

This consultative approach enables you to focus on your core business, safe in the knowledge that an experienced business consultant is thinking strategically about your business activities online.

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Sydney (HQ).

The right balance of local and offshore developers.

As online specialists and have created online solutions for some of Australia’s largest industries.

Our connections and expertise in online marketing and database configuration means we understand your business and what you need to achieve success.

We are a one stop full service agency.
You can save yourself time, money and sanity by choosing FAQ for all your online and offline design needs including your website, business stationery, corporate identity and much more.

Our expertise and services also extend abroad with our office located in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Our professional FAQ team in Dhaka provide programming, design and technical assistance for a variety of clients and agencies. 

So if you are looking for an intelligent solution, look no further and meet the team. 

Phil Cawthorne

Commercial Director

Simon Edwards

Creative Director

Mohammad Kabir

Technical Director

Carlos Guajardo

Creative Lead


In recent years, the emergence of outsourced off-shore development and the rising costs of skilled, local developers has meant that many digital agencies have either struggled to remain competitive in terms of pricing, or compromised the quality of their service by using outsourced developers without the proper management and communication structure.

The main issue with outsourcing development off-shore, ultimately revolves around communication. This is where FAQ differs from other digital agencies… While we can provide the full gamut of development and support services from our Sydney team, we also have a full team of developers based in Dhaka, Bangladesh.

The team utilise all of our internal systems and follow our documented processes. They all speak & read English fluently and communicate with our team in Sydney each day. All design, project management, quality control, and client communication would be handled via our Sydney office.

This keeps our costs down (and in turn, yours) and also gives us the ability to dedicate more resources to a project when required, in order to meet tight deadlines.

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Mahfujul Islam

General Manager

Tokyo Chakma

Team Leader

B. M. Jubair Kabir

Engineering & Operations

Tanjir Ahmed

Team Leader

Sazzad Chowdhury

Team Leader

S. M. Kamaruzzaman Zuel

Senior Software Engineer

Gazi Alamgir Sadat

Senior Graphic Designer

Md. Shamsuzzaman Shohag

Senior Software Engineer

Asfaqur Rahman Sourav

Senior Software Engineer

Khondoker Arfanur Rahman

Technical Business Analyst

Israt Jahan Rimi

Senior QA Engineer

Md. Radwan Naeem Manik

QA Engineer

Nabadarshi Chakma

Junior Software Engineer

Iasir Arafat Riaz

Junior Software Engineer

Md. Habib Rayhan

Junior Software Engineer

Abdur Rob Tanvir

Junior Software Engineer

Nayema Afroz

Junior QA Engineer

Fahmida Khanam

Junior QA Engineer

Why FAQ Interactive.

Our personal relationships combined with a wealth of knowledge and experience, always delivers.

Strong community based relationships.

Our experience lays in delivering exceptional software solutions to some of the biggest sectors in Australia, private and government, means you’re able to leverage our thinking and capabilities to benefit your your product or service, and most importantly your end user.

FAQ strongly believe that positive outcomes are made possible through positive connections. We value a long term approach with all of our customer relationships and go the extra mile to ensure your expectations are met and beneficial for all.

A thorough planned and proven approach.

Developing an App is no small feat and requires a lot of thought & planning, prior to starting development. Over the last 6 years, FAQ has developed, integrated and supported many fantastic mobile apps. This experience has enabled us to develop & refine our processes, resulting in better Apps, built faster!

Our team in Sydney, work closely with our clients to clearly understand their specific requirements and then develop a thorough, well-documented development plan (aka a Scope of Works), wireframes and in some cases, a prototype. The App team program in Swift (for iOS) and Java (for Android), and develop in strict accordance to the Scope and wireframes.

For Quality Assurance, the QA team develop a test plan, which is implemented throughout the development cycle and prior to deployment. As much of the programming work is done in Dhaka, this significantly lowers the cost of building your App.

FAQ offers extended hours of development & support, including weekends and after hours, where required.
All our development work is covered by a 90 day, reasonable warranty period and FAQ is insured for professional indemnity.

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Our websites, web applications, and mobile apps are developed with the latest technologies and highest standards of programming. In addition, having an offshore development team enables FAQ to provide clients with cost-effective solutions to fit their budget.

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If you have an idea that is keeping you awake at night, FAQ can develop it into an App, built to your requirements and budget

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Auckland University of Technology (AUT)

Associate Professor Nigel Harris - AUT

The FAQ team invested a great deal of time and effort into understanding our requirements during the early development stage of the Pau te Hau app. Their detailed scrutinising of how the app would eventually function was actually very formative in our own thinking on what we wanted. This was fundamental to the subsequent production of a bespoke, complex final product requiring detailed technical function, but easy usability. We found the FAQ team very responsive and collegial to work with throughout the process. We’ll be continuing our involvement with FAQ for future app development.

The Dinner Ladies

Sophie Gilliatt, Director

When you're working with FAQ Interactive, whether on website development or hosting, you always feel that they really care about understanding your business and want to find the best solutions for you. Our business relies absolutely on our website and we rely absolutely on FAQ Interactive.

Carbon Reduction Institute

Marvin Van Stralendorff, Chief Operating Officer

We have been using FAQ for more than 10 years! They really understand the unique nature of our business with our many different brands & logos. The standard of their work has always been extremely high and their fees are very reasonable.

Resourcing Parents

Belinda Power

Not too BIG, not too Small, Just Right. The old Goldilocks line sums up my view on FAQ Interactive team and the work they do. The site I managed out grew the services of our previous developer. FAQ started as the developer for Resourcing Parents website in 2013. I appreciated working with the same reliable developers whose expertise offerred up to date solutions that enable the website to grow and expand over the time I managed the project. Working with FAQ from 2013 until saw Resourcing Parents projects expanded to cover three unique websites and two Apps. I throughly enjoyed and appreciated the time we worked together.

University of Newcastle

Professor David Lubans, Priority Research Centre for Physical Activity & Nutrition

I have worked with numerous App developers over the last 5 years and found FAQ to be the most professional and easiest to work with. The FAQ team adopted a flexible & responsive approach to our initial ideas and provided expert guidance in the development and refinement of our App. I am extremely satisfied with the final Burn2Learn app and have no hesitation in recommending FAQ to others.

If you have a great idea,
FAQ can help your vision become reality!