Client: MyRSA
Website :
Service: App (iOS, Android)

Date: Ongoing Since 2017

Client, Brief & Objective

The team at MyRSA approached FAQ Interactive to help them create a solution to help the employ and licencing for the Responsible Services of Alcohol, Gaming and Security.

The concept is to create a personalied wallet like App that enables business owners and lincencees to immidiately present the relitive proof of fair work and regulatory practices in the liquor gaming and entertainment industries. Employess would have access to a centralised database containing only thier immediate employees. It would contain their RSA information for council and licensing bodies to check and approve their staff as ligitimate and qualified to perfom their services at an establisment/venue.

FAQ Development

A large part of the development was overcoming privacy laws, access rules & provisoins aswell as storage of certified documnets. For the employer to gain current versions of an employees accreditations (RSA’s) and for the employee to share and update their information as needed. Syncing data on demand via API quiries and the appropriate cloud storage became a large part of the build.


FAQ was able to deliver a working, functioning prototype and MVP, in the 12 month develpmental window frame, budgests we’re stretched to their limit but in the end the result presented for the customer to take to market was well worth the efforts.

MyRSA has been approached by several industry sectors for its full scale production. It is now undergoing legislation and governance approvals for the marketplace.

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