20Twenty Lighting Web

Client: 20Twenty Lighting

Service: Web Design & Development

Date: Ongoing Since 2018

Client, Brief & Objective

20 Twenty Lighting started in 2017 and required a modern and easy to maintain website to help catalogue and inform their customers on their range style and benefits of their LED lighting solutions. 20Twenty Lighting enquired about a quick and robust WordPress solution to work from, for the speed of construction and simple upgrades and maintenance.

After some personal consultation it was up to FAQ to construct and style the website. FAQ proposed what you see today, a professional clean and reputable looking website that can handle their catalogue of products and detailed information that the industry brings.

FAQ Development

This site as mentioned was developed using WordPress. This allowd for a reltivlly painless build and gave the customer plenty of options to bolt on specific requirements to suit their needs.The website was very much off the shelf to start with FAQ still had to further develop several templates to suit 20Twenty Lighting’s requirments using PHP programming language to customise pages with.


FAQ was able to deliver a brilliantly presented, cost effective responsive website Until recently FAQ we’re even asked to up-keep and maintain the site.

"FAQ Really Understand The Unique Nature Of Our Business. The Standard Of Their Work is Extremely High And Their Fees Are Very Reasonable."


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