Client: Outbreak Response Configuration Application (ORCA)
Service: Web App

Date: Ongoing Since 2020

Client, Brief & Objective

To create a platform to help prevent the spread and minimise the risk of potental outbreaks in, pre schools right through to colleges and universities. To safe guard these facilities and the greater community from Measles, Influenza, Gastrieneritis, and in-particular COVID-19 and other respriatory illnesses.

ORCA the outbreak response configuration application, has been developed inconjuction with the leading health care professional Dr Kai Hsiao for the prevention of micro-pandemic style outbreaks.

The team spent 2 years developing the web-based application, which is to be piloted in approximately 6 education facilities in the greater sydney region in the coming months

The app’s algorithm has to analyses the data in real-time collected and automatically triggers alerts when the criteria for an outbreak is reached, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It then sends email notifications to key response personnel, including the schools health personell (principals, admin staff), the teacher/s and the families using the application with the school.

FAQ Development

FAQ worked for several months to develop a scope of works for ORCA and then once signed off, it went into production mid-2020. Since the initial Minimum Viable Product was developed, several additions and a number of enhancements have been developed and has now made the application easier to apply, made it more robust and eased its use.


ORCA will be rolled in the coming months.

“ Coming soon“


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