The idea that simply having some sort of digital presence is enough to survive has died. Businesses now need to leverage every opportunity to engage with their target audiences, and control of the most crucial elements to support their requirements, be it architecture, software and support. Does your business have all the right tools, knowledge and support in place?

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Adopting the best of our business to get the best from your business.

When we think that there is a better or more efficient method of achieving an objective (both immediate and long-term), we advise our clients accordingly. Of course, we always respect our client’s final decision, even if it is contrary to our advice. This consultative approach enables you to focus on your core business, safe in the knowledge that an experienced business consultant is thinking strategically about your business activities online

Other services include


Having the right information is crucial and regardless of whether you have a design in mind, a previously existing application or even need a hand to turn your ideas into your dream application, FAQ can help navigate you through the uncertainties.

Outsourcing Solutions

Do you have a vision that you need a programmer to realise?  At FAQ we can make your vision a reality.  FAQ Interactive have an abundance of experience in programming languages and systems such as ASP .NET, Java, PHP and SQL.

Hosting & Storage

FAQ Interactive offers hosting and storage for your files and site as a part of our own packages or you can have it stored externally. We can save your business valuable time and money when FAQ host and back-up your services.

A team of experienced technology experts

As online specialists and have created online solutions for some of Australia’s largest industries. Our connections and expertise in online marketing and database configuration means we understand your business and what you need to achieve success. Our professional FAQ team provide programming, design and technical assistance for a variety of clients and agencies. 

So if you are looking for an intelligent solution, look no further and meet the team

Mohammad Kabir

Technical Director

Tokyo Chakma

Senior Programmer

Gazi Alamgir Sadat

Senior Graphic Designer

If you have a great idea,
FAQ can help your vision become reality!