Custom Software Development & Web Applications.

Almost every aspect of our life has some form of software driving it…
While most software automates processes & improves efficiency, sometimes there is nothing available to fit the unique needs of your business. The answer is to develop custom software that addresses your specific requirements.

FAQ has built 100’s of custom software applications, with most of them being accessed via a web browser (web applications). Web applications often serve as a complex back-end system to otherwise normal website.

For clients that include Government departments, Universities, traditional businesses and online ventures, FAQ has developed web applications that serve a variety of different purposes including:
  • Carbon emissions calculators
  • Content management (CMS)
  • E-learning platforms
  • Ecommerce sites
  • Event management platforms
  • Franchise-based Intranet
  • Logistics & delivery systems
  • Online recruitment systems
  • Patient management
  • Payroll management
  • Project management
  • Stock & inventory control
  • Survey management

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If you are ready to discuss your idea with us, we are ready to help you build it.

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It takes a team of highly skilled people to program a simple solution for a complex set of problems.

Scope it out

Consult with our local designers, business analysts & technical consultants to think-through, plan & document exactly what you need to be developed.

Develop with the latest technologies

FAQ provides development for web applications using Microsoft .NET & SQL, Java & PHP technologies. Often web applications are developed with supporting Mobile Apps.

Test it over and over!

Our inhouse QA team never stop testing! They may drive the developers crazy, but the result is faster & more accurate development.

Maintenance & support

Typically several developers will work on each project which enables better levels of support, across all applications we develop.

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Why choose FAQ Interactive.

Developing an App is no small feat and requires a lot of thought & planning, prior to starting development. Over the last 6 years, FAQ has developed, integrated and supported many fantastic mobile apps. This experience has enabled us to develop & refine our processes, resulting in better Apps, built faster!

Our team in Sydney, work closely with our clients to clearly understand their specific requirements and then develop a thorough, well-documented development plan (aka a Scope of Works), wireframes and in some cases, a prototype. The App team program in Swift (for iOS) and Java (for Android), and develop in strict accordance to the Scope and wireframes.

For Quality Assurance, the QA team develop a test plan, which is implemented throughout the development cycle and prior to deployment.
As much of the programming work is done in Dhaka, this significantly lowers the cost of building your App.

FAQ offers extended hours of development & support, including weekends and after hours, where required.

All our development work is covered by a 90 day, reasonable warranty period and FAQ is insured for professional indemnity.

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Our websites, web applications and mobile apps are developed with the latest technologies and highest standards of programming.
In addition, having an offshore development team enables FAQ to provide clients with cost-effective solutions to fit their budget.

University of Newcastle

Professor David Lubans, Priority Research Centre for Physical Activity & Nutrition

I have worked with numerous App developers over the last 5 years and found FAQ to be the most professional and easiest to work with. The FAQ team adopted a flexible & responsive approach to our initial ideas and provided expert guidance in the development and refinement of our App. I am extremely satisfied with the final Burn2Learn app and have no hesitation in recommending FAQ to others.

The Dinner Ladies

Sophie Gilliatt, Director

When you're working with FAQ Interactive, whether on website development or hosting, you always feel that they really care about understanding your business and want to find the best solutions for you. Our business relies absolutely on our website and we rely absolutely on FAQ Interactive.

Carbon Reduction Institute

Marvin Van Stralendorff, Chief Operating Officer

We have been using FAQ for more than 10 years! They really understand the unique nature of our business with our many different brands & logos. The standard of their work has always been extremely high and their fees are very reasonable

If you have a great idea,
FAQ can help your vision become reality!