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FAQ Interactive has been developing custom software applications since 2007.

To date we have developed 100’s of web applications, mobile apps and custom software applications for Universities, Government Departments, Community projects, Ecommerce sites and numerous ‘traditional’ businesses.

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Features and trends to make your APP great?

Developed to the highest standard & with the latest technologies

FAQ provides development services across a range of programming languages including: Microsoft .NET, Java, Swift, Objective C, PHP.

All development work is subject to regular code review and continuous QA.

Local Scoping, Design and Project Management

All development projects are designed and managed from Sydney, which enables more frequent and better communication with clients, prior to; and throughout the project.

It makes the requirements-gathering process more effective and results in the Scope of Works being ready for production, sooner.

Inhouse QA Team

FAQ has a dedicated Software QA team who test & report errors as they uncover them.

This enables the developers to fix their code quickly and continue developing – which ultimately speeds up the development process and reduces the number of bugs found during the final testing stage.

Contract FAQ’s developers

Are you running your own software development project and need an experienced .NET, iOS or Java developer for an extended period of time?

FAQ’s development team in Dhaka, Bangladesh have several developers who can be contracted part-time or full-time, at highly competitive rates. Contact FAQ today to discuss your contracting needs.

Development Products/Services

Mobile Apps

We design & develop beautiful, engaging & highly-functional mobile apps for Apple, Android & Windows devices.

Web Applications

Custom software which is developed to your specification and accessible via a secure login on a web browser.

Quality Assurance

The in-house QA team is focused on testing for errors & reporting back, during the entire development cycle.

Scoping & Consulting

Scoping team includes chief designer, business analyst, project head & technical director, all based in Sydney.

Contracted Developers

Contract a full-time or part-time Java, iOS or .NET developer from FAQ Interactive, for a competitive price.

The app development process – how does it all happen?

    At this point in the process, FAQ Interactive will sit with the client to determine the goals of project and understand needs. A formal quote & contract is given. Upon receipt of contract and deposit, a start date is established. Read more about our scoping process.
    We create wireframes & mockups to identify problems before they arise. After presenting mockups, there may be some iteration. We also use this time to mix elements from one mockup with another depending on the client request. Once approval is given, content from you is due.
    We begin the coding process by creating a template for the main page layouts. We then set up the development on a staging server so we can test each piece of functionality and implement content.
    In this stage, you will receive a link to preview the applications  progress. We’ll ask for your feedback and make any necessary tweaks to the content. Once you are happy with the final product we will launch your new App!
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Why clean design and simple UX creates the best App experiences.

Once an app or website doesn’t deliver a quality experience, you become frustrated and move on elsewhere. According to online sources “88% of online consumers are less likely to return to a site after a bad experience.”

If you look at Snapchat they attempted to revitalize the familiar and fun experience that made it so popular with millennials by giving more real estate to it’s media partnerships and custom content. Users found the redesign to be clunky, complex and oversaturated, thus they became vocal. This has led the Snapchat to roll back their redesign, leaving them back to where they started from a design standpoint and having ruffled their users’ feathers.

A simple design that makes it easy to navigate, explore and consume content is the golden triad of app design you should strive for in order to deliver a satisfactory user experience. In a landscape of expansive options, you don’t want to give your customers a reason to hesitate to return. Give them a reason to consciously choose to click on your app icon.

Make it easy

By having an intuitive, simple design experience on your mobile app, you give customers the satisfaction they’re looking for, along with a positive association with your brand and customer service.

Smooth navigation and a minimalist design are your core northern lights to making this a reality.

Smooth navigation

Navigation is at the core of a clean mobile design. As a top Sydney mobile app development agency, FAQ knows that users go to apps and websites because they’re looking for something specific. When they go to your app, they’re likely there to either do some brand or product research to inform them of their next purchasing decision, or even executing on a purchase.

Think of Lyft or Uber, While both provide essentially the same service, they both make it easy to call for a ride, meet their driver at a destination and pay for the transaction within a couple smooth minutes.

Users should be able to easily pinpoint their needs in seconds or explore all that your app has to offer with intuitive and streamlined design.

Minimalist design

A minimalist design is your best defense against the paradox of choice. Someone can quickly glance at your app and get a good feel for where your app is ready to lead them.

Minimalism and simplicity allow users to let their eyes quickly guide them to where they’re looking to go. Think of Instagram, one of the most popular mobile apps. With a parallax scroll and only a handful of tabs, Instagram provides a bevy of content without overwhelming the user with decisions. Its user experience makes it easy on the brain to decide between limited options that can take you anywhere.

Simplicity is your best policy

Users don’t necessarily need art when it comes to mobile design. Sometimes art can even get in the way of what they’re trying to accomplish.

Mobile design should cater to the wants and goals of your user base; simple, clean designs are a generalized and effective way to accelerate user habits to creating the most holistic and satisfying mobile experiences for executing their goals.

If you have a great idea,
FAQ can help your vision become reality!